Former Starbucks SVP of Corporate Responsibility Joins Chatham University as Falk Professor of Socially Responsible Business

Sandra E. Taylor, an internationally recognized expert in corporate responsibility joins the Chatham University faculty as Falk Professor of Socially Responsible Business. Taylor is the former Senior Vice President of Corporate Responsibility at Starbucks and the founder and President of the consulting firm, Sustainable Business International.

While at Starbucks, Ms. Taylor led global corporate responsibility, corporate environmental branding, new market openings, supply chain codes of conduct, ethical procurement and the Starbucks Foundation. Previously, Taylor worked as Vice President and Director of Public Affairs at Eastman Kodak Company, where she led global government relations, foreign trade policy, and corporate citizenship. Taylor also has an extensive career in corporate public affairs, environmental sustainability, and communications, as well as government service with the U.S. State Department early in her career.

Ms. Taylor is an internationally known expert in supply chain management, international trade, philanthropy, communications and public relations, risk management, government relations, and partnerships.

She earned a BA degree in French, JD from Boston University School of Law and MBA from Bordeaux School of Management in France.

Chatham University