Chatham Professor Awarded National Science Foundation (NSF) Grant

The National Science Foundation has awarded Chatham University Assistant Professor of Biology Kevin Hatala and Dr. Stephen Gatesy, a professor at Brown University, a research grant that includes efforts to further and foster undergraduate and graduate research at their Universities.  The grant will allow Dr. Hatala and Dr. Gatesy to lead a collaborative research project through 2021 titled “X-rays, 3D animation and human locomotion”. The project includes training opportunities for Chatham undergraduate students and Brown graduate students.

As part of the grant, two Chatham University undergraduate students will be selected each year to complete a six-week research program that includes travel to Brown University for research training, data collection and an introduction to a PhD program at a research-focused institution. Funding has also been set aside for participating Chatham students to receive further exposure and training opportunities by presenting their findings at an international professional conference.

This grant was made possible through the NSF’s Biological Anthropology Program, which supports multifaceted research to advance scientific knowledge of human biology and ecology, including understanding of our evolutionary history and mechanisms that have shaped human and nonhuman primate biological diversity.

Chatham University