November 2018
Social Stats @ ChathamU

Monthly metrics reporting for Chatham University’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Please see “Definitions” at the bottom of the page for explanations of different metrics.

Social posting for the month of November was more abbreviated than a typical month to give our community space to mourn and heal after the Tree of Life shooting. Content topics were kept fairly light and positive, including pictures of fall foliage and the first snow of the season, Harvest Dinner, and two awards— our nomination to the Princeton Review Green Honor Roll and the PA Resources Council Leadership award.


  • Vigil Post

  • Voting Day

  • Princeton Review Green Honor Roll

  • Irish Ambassador at Chatham

  • Fall foliage pictures

  • Harvest Dinner

  • First Snow of the season

  • PA Resources Council Leadership Award



Reach: The total number of people who have seen a post at least once. This metric is best used to measure a post’s impact on Facebook and Instagram.
Impressions: The total number of times a post has appeared on a particular platform. Due to the nature of Twitter’s algorithm, impressions are a better indicator of success than reach for Twitter.
Page likes: The total number of page likes our Facebook page has sustained over a two week period.
Facebook Engagements: The total number of reactions (likes, loves, haha, wow, sad, angry etc), comments, and shares of Facebook posts.